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Taiga Tour.


Water falls. | Cliffs, stones, rocky banks. | Just beautiful sigthts. | Photo Page/6 Pictures | Contact our tourism agency in Russia.
Taiga Tour.

Well, let us to invite you to the Far East of Russia, Ussuriisk city. And all what you have seen here on our web-site you will see yourself.

Kirovkei area, village "Gornie Kluchi", Khabarovsk-Vladivostok state route.; Actual size=400 pixels wide

Village "Gorniy" area, delta Ussuri, a spring.; Actual size=130 pixels wide

Kirovkei area, river Ussuri, village "Gornie Kluchi".; Actual size=400 pixels wide

Mineral spring, outskirts of village "Gorniy".; Actual size=130 pixels wide